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This sheet is used to track funds committed to the Wikibase Stakeholder Group's mission, and how these funds are spent. Though Rhizome may often act as this initiative’s cost center, other institutions may hold and dispense funds pursuant to their spending policies.

Date Position Rhizome
in USD
in EUR
CURRENT BALANCE 16,692.73 18,000.00
2021-12-31 Rhizome 7% fiscal sponsorhip fee -353.22
2021-12-31 TIB → Rhizome 5,045.95 -4,500.00
2021-09-16 Rhizome 12,000.00 Contractors need to invoice Rhizome, New York, USA.
2021-09-16 NFDI4Culture / TIB / TA1 18,000.00 Sum need to be spent in 2022 in packages of max EUR 4500 per quarter. Contractors need to invoice TIB, Hannover, Germany.
2021-09-16 NFDI4Culture / TIB / TA1 4,500.00 To be spent in the last quarter of 2021. Contractors need to invoice TIB, Hannover, Germany. Sum will go to Rhizome if no project to contract is ready by the end of 2021.

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Page last modified: 2022 Feb 3.