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This sheet is used to track funds committed to the Wikibase Stakeholder Group's mission, and how these funds are spent. Though Rhizome may often act as this initiative’s cost center, other institutions may hold and dispense funds pursuant to their spending policies.

Date Position Rhizome ($USD)
2022-07-05 Wikibase Consultancy, RDF mapping extension -13,500.00
2022-06-21 Rhizome 7% fiscal sponsorhip fee -985.98
2022-06-21 TIB (NFDI4Culture) → Rhizome 14,084.20
2022-04-12 Rhizome 7% fiscal sponsorhip fee -339.26
2022-04-12 TIB (NFDI4Culture) → Rhizome 4,846.60
2021-12-31 Rhizome 7% fiscal sponsorhip fee -353.22
2021-12-31 TIB (NFDI4Culture) → Rhizome 5,045.95
2021-09-16 Rhizome starting budget 12,000.00

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